• Material Audiovisual Roger Deakins
    15 2018 March

    The audiovisual material of Roger Deakins

    In these past oscars, Roger Deakins after his 14 nomination to the oscars got his statue, today we want to review the audiovisual material that is always on his list. Bounce Muselin (Palio structure and white cloth) His primary weapon of choice is the muslin bounce. This...

  • Iluminación audiovisual Hyundai Cinematographic lighting
    15 2018 March

    The best cinematographic lighting for Hyundai

    The last work in which we have been able to provide the best cinematographic lighting has already come out. This time we have collaborated with director Goh Hanki and produced by Keystone Films and Ice Cream service. The result has been the new Hyundai spot, “Santa Fe”....

  • director de fotografía professional cinematographer
    10 2018 March

    Lessons of being a professional Cinematographer

    This week in Zeferino Professional lighting we want to get a closer look on experienced DPs and discover their personal insights about the job. Working as a cinematographer is definitely a worthwhile aspiration, but how much do you really know about the daily life of a professional...

  • iluminar un croma lighting chroma
    10 2018 March

    4 things you should know when lighting chroma

    In Zeferino Professional Lighting this week we want to talk about what’s important when lighting chroma. Apparently shooting on green screen is relatively straightforward, but you’ll want to learn a few tricks to make the process easier. In the following video from Aputure they show...

  • director de fotografía cinematographer
    10 2018 March

    Pros & Cons of being a young cinematographer

    Making films is very different today for young cinematographer, than it used to be just a few years ago In Zeferino Professional Lighting we want to take a look at how new technologies can improve or not young careers. All DPs face professional and emotional challenges when it...

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