• Alberto Bañares
    18 2018 April

    Zeferino interview cinematographer Alberto Bañares

    Today in Zeferino we interview the director of photography Alberto Bañares. With extensive experience in commercial and international pieces, currently represented by L’Agence in Spain, Italy and France. What were your beginnings in the direction of photography?? My beginnings in the direction of photography were...

  • Avolites Titan
    11 2018 April

    Control systems for lighting Avolites Titan

    We started the month of April with a workshop in Zeferino Studio. To make an introduction of Avolites Titan control systems for lighting control, in the Cinema, Broadcast and Advertising market. Two intense days taking the best ways to adapt this system to field work,...

    04 2018 April

    10 questions for make a good RECCE

    Spring begins and the new wave of commercial shoots. A good RECCE is indispensable for all departments. Especially for the director of photography and for the production team. That is why today we want to mention the 10 essential questions that must be answered during...

  • iluminar un coche illuminate a car
    28 2018 March

    How to illuminate a car with a chroma background?

    Shooting a subject on greenscreen is relatively simple. People, unlike motor vehicles, tend not to have curved and angular edges. These highly polished and rigid structures will reflect, refract, bounce and spill light off the green walls. And show the kit and crew’s reflections too....

  • Alquiler de iluminación Mamma Team Lighting Rental
    21 2018 March

    Zeferino lighting rental with the gaffer Paco Roman

    Once again we had the pleasure of being able to contribute the lighting rental to the Mamma Team production company that once again trusted us. The project was carried out at the SEAT Martorell facilities. The gaffer Paco Roman who was in charge of the...

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